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By Alyssa St-Jean (
You Skip Out On Breakfast
You know this is a bad idea! So why do you do it? Most of us like to use the excuse that we simply do not have enough time in the morning to prepare a well-rounded breakfast. But it is just that: An Excuse… Take the time to plan ahead for a weeks worth of breakfast meals during the weekend or you can also take it day by day by prepping while you are waiting for your dinner to cook. Some of you seem to think that skipping out on breakfast is an easy way to “save calories”. But this is so far from the truth and not to mention not safe! By missing the most important meal of the day, you will most likely end up binging on your next meal resulting in an over consumption of calories. No win there. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!!
You Eat According To What Your Partners Want
Not everyone has the same needs and goals as you. It is not always easy to accept this. You know how it is. You come home with the mindset that you are going to prepare a delicious salad yet, you walk in the door and your significant other has already brought home a large cheesy pizza for dinner. Decisions, decisions. Do you eat the pizza or do you stick to the salad plan. Not an easy choice when the house already smells like a pizzeria. You cave and have the pizza since you are tired from a long day at work and just want to kick back and relax. Then the guilt sets in… Ugh!
This is why meal prepping is so important! If your salad was already made and ready to eat, this type of decision would of have been much easier, right? If your partner does not want to lead the same lifestyle as you, that is ok but you both need to come to an agreement that allows both sides to be happy. Try compromising by making the same type of meal with a slight variation. For example you can make the classic steak and potatoes on the BBQ however, as a healthier alternative, switch out your potatoes for grilled veggies! Everyone wins!
You Are Emotional
Life isn’t always easy. A lot can happen in a day. Sometimes stressful events occur and turning to food to self-soothe is a classic for all. This is a nasty and cruel habit that we have taught ourselves.  It is not an easy habit to kick but it needs to get done! Otherwise, you will forever live your life with an ever-growing overeating habit. The sooner you tackle it, the easier it will be in the long run. Tame your cravings by asking yourself: “Am I really hungry? Or is something else that I need?” Start by taking your mind off of food by completing a task or by removing yourself from surrounding temptations to clear your mind. Try getting some fresh air by taking a walk or try calling a friend for moral support. Find something that works for you and stick with it. In the end, you will be happy that you didn’t turn to food for support and then you can peacefully move on with your day.
You Are Not Focused On What You Are Eating
When you eat a meal, it is really important that you stay connected with the task at hand. Yes, I am sure that you are a great multi-tasker! But, trust me, if you are focused on work or the television instead of the food you are ingesting, you will once again overeat! Don’t feel bad. We all do it! We all have busy lives to take care of but we also need a break every once in a while. So take a seat and savor every bite of your meal free of distractions! The TV and your workload will still be there when you are done!
You Don’t Pack Any Snacks For The Day Ahead
Snacking is a good thing! And don’t let anyone tell you differently! Pack a few healthy, protein packed munchies before the leaving the house. This way, whenever you get a craving, you can reach for a good and well-balanced snack to kill that hunger craving.  Good examples of easy, packable, snacks are almonds, hard cheeses and fruit.
Your Plates & Bowls are Just Too BIG
I am sure your bowls and plates are real nice but, believe it or not, it could be one of the reasons why you are overeating! Try to pick up a smaller bowl or a smaller plate when eating your meals, you may not be as inclined to stack on the food.  Another good way to keep your portion sizes in check is by using a food scale or measuring cups.
You Think You Are Hungry
We all know that sometimes boredom can result in overindulgence. The next time that you think that you are hungry, try gulping down a big glass of warm water with lemon juice and wait 30 minutes. Then, re-evaluate the situation. Are you still really hungry? If yes, then go ahead and have a little snack but usually, after waiting a period of time, you may realize that you were just thirsty and needed some liquids.
Learn you weaknesses and learn to conquer them! There is no better feeling! 

What’s your story? Why do you overindulge? What do you do to keep your cravings under control?

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