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This is a really big subject and one that I want to discuss.  CHEATING. I cringe when I hear these words. “ I cheated”! “ I want to cheat” “Can I cheat?” “Is cheating allowed?”
That WORD makes me cringe! It is such negative self -talk language. When clients say these words out loud I always respond the same, “whom are you cheating?” And what does cheating mean? For some it means they had a sip or a taste of something; for others it means they went on a pizza or alcohol binge. Either way, those words create negativity. And, promote guilt and self-loathing.  
Any food you put in your mouth is a choice. If you decide to eat the foods that are on your plan, and you stay true to the list, your results will show that effort. If you choose to eat ‘off plan’ for one meal, your body will still show results. So the all or none theory does not need to kick in. Also, no one is holding a gun to your head telling you to order the “bad food” it is simply a choice. The consequences of that choice will also show. But, if you are going to feel guilty over it, why not walk away? Why not ask yourself the question, ‘is this going to take me one step closer to my goal, or one step away?’ Then decide if it is worth losing 2-3 days of fat burning. 
My own weight struggles make me understand this scenario better. We all have that rebellious child inside of us. I know when someone tells me not to do something, I want to do it; I want to test it myself. When it comes to weight loss, if told not to eat something it almost makes us want it more! It’s crazy how those no’s makes our brain crave the very foods that put us on a protocol in the first place. Like the devil inside of us, it is so powerful that we make decisions that take us off course. 
If you decide to put something in your mouth that is not on your plan, call it a deviation, or a choice. The word cheat is so harsh. Who are you cheating? What are you cheating?  
If you work on making true lifestyle changes while on your journey, which includes food prepping, journaling, drinking water, eating vegetables, taking good supplements, then you won’t have to feel guilty when you have a planned day of indulgence.  Own your choices and move on. Don’t beat yourself up and call yourself a cheater. That will do nothing for you, and might even force you to end your efforts. So, stay strong and thoughtful while on your mission. There will be a time to enjoy your favorite foods once or twice a week once you have arrived at your destination. Keep that thought in the forefront of your mind. No such a thing as the word cheat… it’s a choice. 


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