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Ok, so you have given up your sugar habit! Congratulations! It takes a lot of willpower and commitment to accomplish such an amazing lifestyle change. How do you feel? I bet you no longer get that tired sensation halfway through the day! Since you have given up the “white stuff” has your health improved? You probably feel fabulous and your waistline has surely shrunk too! This new habit has most definitely got you thinking why have I not done this sooner. 

Unfortunately, not everyone feels so great after they have kicked sugar out of their diet. Hmm… Why is that? Does it not work for everyone? Yes! It does work for everyone! 

If I can ditch the nasty habit, so can you! The main reason why some do not succeed is probably because they are unknowingly sabotaging their new lifestyle by making certain sugar-free diet mistakes:

Sticking to “Sugar Free” Labeled Foods

Sure, there is no “sugar” in the food product you just ate however, there was probably a ton of artificial sweeteners in it. Food companies do this in order to make their products taste better. Ugh! So frustrating right? Artificial sweeteners are capable of tricking your mind for that quick sugar fix but sweeteners do not trick your body. It still gets your metabolism going and your body will eventually crave more glucose “sugar”. Resulting in a possible relapse. The same goes for products labeled “no sugar added”. These products also usually contain sweeteners or sugar alcohol. The trick is to make sure you read the nutritional facts label along with the list of ingredients before purchasing a product. If you are not sure what an ingredient is, then don’t buy it! It is as simple as that. Do your research and then you can make a well-calculated decision.  

Eating Foods That Contain Hidden Sugars & Sneaky Sugar Sources

The sugar industry is well aware that you are educating yourself more and more on the truths about the ever so trending: “Evil Sugar Habit” and that you are trying to avoid sugar as much as possible. Their sales have plummeted but they have not given up the battle. Instead of bowing down, they have came up with a brilliant idea: Switching the word “sugar” for another word that people don’t know is sugar. Very clever isn’t it. Did you know that there are over 41 different names for sugar in which companies are legally allowed to list in their products ingredient lists instead of the word sugar? Unbelievable…Get in the know! 

Switching to Diet Sodas

Some of you are still falling for this one. Why? I am not sure. These products are a big no no! Yes, replacing regular soda and fruit juices with a “diet” version will most definitely reduce your sugar intake however, the health risks that come along with these products are just not worth it. Some studies have linked diet pop products with high blood pressure, heart disease and dysfunctional reproductive systems. No thank you! 

Sticking to “Fat-Free” Foods

In the past, people use to think that by eliminating fat from their diet they would become lean and fit. But really fat was not the reason why society was gaining weight. The real culprit was the overconsumption of sugar. Truth is, “fat-free” products usually contain loads of sugar. Beware of such health claims and once again, always, always check your ingredient lists and nutritional facts when grocery shopping. 

Overdosing on Fruit

Fruit is amazing! Don’t get me wrong! But you do need to make sure that you are eating the right kinds and the right amounts. I find that berries are the best since they are low in calories, they are great antioxidants and well they taste delicious! Too much fruit though can overload your pancreas with sugar resulting in the creation of triglycerides (fat cells). Try to stick to 1 to 2 servings of fruit per day. 

Are you guilty of any of these habits? 

Sugar is the new fat! So, for those of you who have not yet kicked that sugar habit to the curb, please do it! Give it up so that you can burn that fat and feel fabulous too! 

For those of you who have already cut sugar out of your diet, what type of advice would you give to someone who wishes to do the same? Do you have any tips or tricks that you can offer to facilitate the transition? 

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