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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
I have been coaching clients for over ten years now, and I have battled my weight since I was a teenager. With that being said, I have researched many diets and programs throughout my life, and have read many books and articles about strategies for weight loss. One of the most profound statements I have ever heard, and I subscribe to is “sometimes it’s not what you ARE doing, it’s what you are NOT doing.” 
What does that mean? 
Most people know that to lose weight you have to make daily life changes. And, most think that in order to do that, you have to cut calories (eat less), eat better, and exercise more. I have found those “rules” to be untruths or myths. I tried all of those, and never had much permanent success. I did not understand why. What I have learned over the last ten years has changed my life and lives of many others. 
What happens when you eat less? I was eating one to two meals per day and getting fatter! What I have learned is that when you eat too little, your body wants to hoard and store your fat for later use. Not a good habit. I have learned to eat three larger meals, and two or three smaller snacks per day. 
What about eating better? Yes, for sure, eating better is a good idea. But, that by itself, won’t help you lose the fat you have already stored. You won’t get fatter, but you won’t necessarily lose either. We know eating badly, excess sugars, fats, and alcohol can lead to weight gain; however, eating well is more of a maintenance habit. 
So, weight loss must be from exercising more, right? Well, we know that exercise is very important for many reasons, including cardiovascular health, toning and endorphin release along with many other health benefits. However, I was working out with a personal trainer many times a week for years, and I was still too fat for good health. I didn’t lose a pound! Why? Exercise by itself, without changing your food habits will only help you maintain your current weight. You might lose a few pounds at first, but then you will plateau. The biggest mistake people make is eating TOO little while training, and not eating enough protein. 
If you want to lose the fat you have stored, I have learned that it is more about the chemistry of the foods you are eating, not just the calories. It is what the calories are made of and from and how your body hormonally and chemically uses those calories. Controlling the fats and carbohydrates you consume, and eating the RIGHT amount of protein for your body are the keys to weight loss. It is controlling the amount of insulin your pancreas produces that determines if you will store fat vs. burn fat. You can do that with eating a low fat, low carbohydrate, adequate protein diet plan. A structured weight loss program with a behavioral intervention is the way to go. Do some research on these types of weight loss plans or ask your physician for recommendations. And, you can then use our recipes for great eating and cooking ideas to help you achieve your goals! 

What habits have you found to help you lose weight? 

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