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Many times per week I have clients sit in front of me and explain why they had a rough week, or why they “had to cheat” and had “no choice”. I listen intently, but I hear a bunch of excuses. It is hard for me to understand why some people can’t stick to their protocol. Why would you spend so much time, energy and money on getting healthier and thinner and then shoot yourself in the foot by eating or drinking certain items that stop your progress?
I believe people want to be well and get well. But, “life” gets in the way. Many times it is from lack of planning and preparation. Sometimes it is from getting bored with the program and not experimenting with other flavors and textures. No matter what, if you define WHY you doing what you are and your PURPOSE, it gets so much easier to comply with your process.
In many instances, clients believe that they are being punished when they say no to the fun foods or alcohol. Also, they think that saying no is permanent, as in they will never be able to eat or drink those items ever again. It is simply not true. It is temporary. When you take ownership of your choices and decisions, and set aside your FOMO (fear of missing out), you can be successful on your journey.
However, it is important to set goals, have a vision, and define your purpose for what you are giving up right now. If you try to wing it, you will fail. At least that is what I see. Clients start off doing well because they feel motivated and they might even be miserable. But, in a few weeks, after the emergency is over, they start to falter. WHY? They feel so much better, have more energy, start to fit in a smaller size and they don’t have the same issues they came in the door with. At this point, setting another goal or reason to continue becomes super important. I suggest going to the store and buying the size you really want to wear, not the one in your closet you are now fitting in. Or look ahead at your schedule and see if there is an event ( a wedding, vacation, birthday etc) that you want to look your very best and make that date become your focus for your sacrifices today. Maybe it is important to reevaluate your original goal number to the one you have gotten to and accept the new you right where you are today?
If you find yourself starting to cheat or deviate a little bit everyday, or once a week, it is probably time to either define a new purpose, or give yourself permission to move on and be happy right where you are. Whatever you do, don’t live in limbo. It will make you miserable and create a negative feeling towards what you have accomplished and that is not good for maintenance. Those are the clients that fall off the wagon and gain all of their weight back. Make a choice not to be that person.


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