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By Alyssa St-Jean (
We know that not all sugars are bad for our bodies. Sugars in fruits for example are great for our bodies! The problem lies within the added excess amounts of processed sugars that have been sneaked and forced into our diets… There are so many natural sugars that are found in raw foods that there is no need to be adding extra processed ones! Unfortunately, most of us have developed a “need” for sugar due to our awful eating habits and desire for “junk foods”. Trust me, the benefits of quitting sugar outweigh the side effects of bad eating habits by far! 
Once you stop eating sugars that have been processed and stick to sugars in its raw form you will notice that the following things will occur. 

Your Skin Will Glow

Acne continuously comes and goes. It can be so annoying and frustrating. No matter how many creams, toners, cleansers we may try, the pimples always come back someway, somehow. It is actually our diets that are responsible for the occasional outbreaks. The sugars are breaking through from the inside out. Literally! Once you eliminate the excess sugars from your foods, you will notice your skin will look and feel fabulous! 

You Will Eventually No Longer Crave Sugar

As you begin to ditch the sugary stuff from your diet, you will eventually lose the desire to eat them too! The fruits you consume will be more than enough! You may even notice that the treats you once loved like cake and such will become way too sweet for your taste buds and that you may not enjoy them as much as you once did.

Your Body’s Functions Will Become More Efficient

Your body want lots and lots of fiber and little to no “hard to digest” foods. By removing sugary products from your diet, you are giving your tummy a break as well as time to reset its functions. You will probably end up going to the bathroom a lot more too. This is a good thing by the way! Everything will become more regular and routinely, as things will begin to move smoother.  

Your Energy Levels Will Increase

Most of us tend to reach for caffeine, energy drinks, sugary snacks and juices in order to get that extra energy boost throughout the day. This is such a misconception. You only think that you need these. In reality, your body will actually produce energy naturally and more of it without the added sugars. Processed sugars block the body’s ability to keep energy stores at maximum levels. So, what you may call a “pick-me-up” could actually be what is bringing you down… Once you give up this habit, you will notice that you will no longer experience energy level spikes and that the regular mid-afternoon blahs will no longer be a thing. 

Your Weight Will Become Stable

When you eat sugars, your body tends to crave even more sugars; whether they are raw or not. Refined sugars tend to be very common in high fat and high carb foods and well, we all know that these kinds of foods are usually processed and packed with chemical ingredients that could be harmful to your health – but sadly, we eat them anyways because they taste good… By eliminating these kinds of foods, your body will not have to deal with all the extra calories anymore. And well, since your body will no longer “want” these kinds of foods, you will most likely eat less resulting in weight loss or no weight gain. 
There are only good things that can happen by giving up sugar. Do your body a favour and get rid of it. Sugar is a want, not a need. 

Are You Going To Quit Eating Sugar?

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