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By Alyssa St-Jean (
Today’s trends mainly revolve around health and fitness. No secret there. However, unfortunately, this has led everyone to become their own “experts” and have been creating their own rules along the way… People who like to think that they know what they are talking about are teaching their family members, friends and co-workers what they think they know about the subject. Unfortunately, not everything you hear is true. Sadly, this has led us all to become confused and uneducated on the truths about of weight loss and what healthy living really is. 
Fitness and nutrition experts have heard the most ridiculous weight loss tips and tricks imaginable. We want to set the record straight by sharing some of the most absurd myths that we have recently heard.
Myth #1 – Low-fat dairy products will keep you lean 
Fat isn’t the bad guy! The body needs fat so don’t be fooled by marketing scams. Yes, they do sound appealing and you probably feel better about yourself buying low-fat yogurt rather than full fat yogurt however, these products are usually packed with sugars in order to make them taste better. You want to steer clear of sugary sources while dieting where you can.

Myth #2 – Losing weight over a longer period of time is better
Many people seem to think that it is unhealthy to lose weight too fast. Yes, this can be true however, as long as you are losing fat the right way by safely combining lean protein, healthy fats, veggies and fibers, there is no problem! In certain studies, it has even been proven that those who have lost weight quicker have kept the weight off longer than those who have lost weight over a longer period of time. By losing more weight in a shorter period of time, you are more motivated to stay the course and it also reduces the chances of any possible diet deviations.
Myth #3 – Agave sweetener is better than added sugar
Agave sweetener is basically fructose syrup. It is about 55% to 90% fructose which makes it just the same if not higher in fructose than High Fructose Corn Syrup. Too much fructose in your body over time can create an excess of insulin resulting in insulin resistance. This means that your triglycerides will sky rocket, your blood pressure will sky rocket and that eventually you may develop several health problems. Hmm, not so great is it? Try removing the added sugars completely from your diet and well if you think you absolutely need some kind of sugar flavouring, try using stevia as a sweetener instead. 

Myth #4 – Eating all the time helps you lose weight
To most, diet “snacking” means grabbing a box of “low-cal” treats. Big no no! These are so bad for you since they are actually packed with sneaky sugars! When you eat sugary foods, your insulin levels go up. So, if you are eating ALL the time (every hour or so), your insulin levels are always elevated. When your insulin levels are high, your fat cells are on lock down. This means that the fat cannot be broken down and properly released from the cell. So, this means that that snacking habit could be preventing you from losing weight… Take a break between meals and if you really do need to have a snack, grab some veggies that contain barely any sugar or none like celery or cucumbers. Also, make sure that your meals are well balanced with protein, fat and fibers. This combination will probably keep you fuller for longer and could also reduce your snack cravings. 
Myth #5 – You can still lose weight by eating junk foods as long as you eat them in moderation
This could not be more false… This is simply an excuse that allows you to eat what you know you shouldn’t be while dieting. Eating junk foods or high calorie foods in moderation is what makes you gain weight in the long run. Which is normal since the body is designed to gain, not lose, weight. So yes, junk food in moderation is ok once in a while when you are in your maintenance phase but stay away from it while dieting… By treating yourself to a “cheat day” or “cheat meal” you are simply setting yourself up for failure since you are giving yourself unnecessary cravings and you are also sabotaging your hard work. Give it up! Or, start learning how to make healthier junk food alternatives. 
Myth #6 – A calorie is a calorie no matter the ingredient
Lies! Not all nutrients have the same effects and roles in the body. For example if one night you had the choice between eating a piece of chicken with spinach totaling 400 calories and a plate of spaghetti and meat sauce totaling 400 calories you cannot say that you agree that these too meals have the same aftermath on your body… You would obviously choose the chicken and spinach plate. Right? Just because a plate is only 400 calories, this does not mean that it is still a diet approved meal… Beware!

Have you heard any of theses? What is the most ridiculous weight loss myth that you have heard? 

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