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You get invited to your brother’s birthday party and you don’t know if you’ll go.  You’re really on the fence. You love your brother…. but…. you’re trying to avoid dessert.  After the invite, you spend way too much time overthinking what you should do. Maybe you’ll go but conveniently sneak to the washroom while everyone sings “Happy Birthday”.  Maybe you’ll let him know that you’ll be there in Spirit; that you’re on a health mission and cake just isn’t on the menu for you.


Is there another way?

Here are 5 Ways to Avoid Dessert


1 – Bring Your Own Dish

You don’t want your current attempt at changing your habits to segregate you from your friends.  You want to enjoy the festivities. The best way to do this is to KNOW what you will be able to eat.  Call the host and offer to bring a dish or dessert. Even if they say “no”, do it anyway. Once your friends try your healthy alternative, you may even influence them to change their habits too.  


2 – Take Three Bites

If you tolerate a little bit of sugar, then 3 bites is all you’ll need to satisfy your taste buds.  Studies show that after the first 3 bites, your brain doesn’t register the satisfaction of “treating yourself’ anymore.  The first bite tastes as good as you imagined but by the third bite, your brain has checked out. So say “yes” and avoid social pressure.  Stay disciplined in your 3-bite-rule.  Put your fork down or throw the rest of the dessert in the trash.

3 – Get yourself some sugar-free gum

Yup.  We said it.  The good, sweet taste of sugar-free gum (it can be made from stevia) could be just the trick to avoid eating the sugary dessert.  Why? The sweetness of the gum will satisfy your urge and once you pop that piece in your mouth, you won’t be eating anything else.

4 – Brush your teeth

Next time you’re going out and you get pressured to eat something you don’t want to eat…. Brush your teeth.  Have you ever brushed your teeth and then drank juice? Gross. That’s the simple strategy behind brushing your teeth when you get a sugar craving.  Plus, your dentist will thank you. Pack a toothbrush and some natural cinnamon toothpaste and you’re all set to take on any food urge. By the way, this also works for food cravings at home.

5 – Get Out of the Kitchen!

Have you heard this quote?  “It only takes 20 seconds of insane courage and something great will come out of it.”  This works for anything.  Talking to your boss about a raise.  Trying waterskiing. Avoiding junk food.  Yup! Take a deep breath, get out of the kitchen and distract yourself for 20 seconds.  If you’re still actually physically hungry after that – eat something healthy.

Healthy habits make a big difference in living a healthy life.  And it can be a real challenge to make a change when those around you don’t agree with your goals.  Just know that no one can argue with “I’m making healthier choices”. Be brave. Keep your sights on your target.  Know your WHY. When you know your why, the how is easy. We believe in you.

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