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Try New Recipes for The Big Dinner This Year And Start Something New

The big day is finally here—Thanksgiving is upon us! ‘tis the season to give thanks, and at Low Fat Low Carb, we’re incredibly thankful to you, our users. You make this all possible, and inspire us to share new, delicious, and nutritious recipes with you.

Speaking of recipes, we’re pretty thankful for them too! If you’ve been looking for an amazing meal to share with the ones you love, we’ve got just the thing for you. Traditions are important to many families, and trying new things can be a big change for some. That’s why we’ve put together this delicious Thanksgiving menu! Try one or two dishes and create new traditions, or go all-in with a low-fat, low-carb Thanksgiving this year!

Check out these amazing low-fat, low-carb Thanksgiving dishes, and try one when you sit down with family and friends for the big meal.

Starting Things Right

Turkey Zucchini Poppers

Step 5 - ready to serve!When it comes to food on Thanksgiving, it’s all about the bird. These tasty Turkey Zucchini Poppers incorporate lean ground turkey and grated zucchini for a delicious appetizer bursting with flavor. If you’re looking for low-fat, low-carb meals that keep the Thanksgiving theme, you can’t go wrong with these bite-sized poppers. Try serving them with a Thousand Island dip for great flavor combination!

Satisfying Salads

“No Potato” Salad

No potato salad prep step 4 - ready to serveNearly every family gathering and get-together feature some variation on a potato salad. As big a hit as it is, it’s carb-heavy and often features mayo with all the fat left in. While we can always find fat-free mayo, that still leaves the potatoes in there. Our solution? The “No Potato” Salad! It’s got all the flavor you want without heavy potatoes—give it a try this Thanksgiving!

Red Cabbage Summer Salad

With chilly weather finally settling in for the long run, you’re probably missing those summer feelings by now. With our Red Cabbage Summer Salad, you can give yourself a taste of warmer weather without having to trek down to warmer climates. We’re thankful for the fresh tastes in this recipe, and we have to say, the cranberries in here are going to pair perfectly with any poultry you serve on the big day!

The Main Course

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Soup

Enjoy Buffalo Chicken Soup RecipeWithout fail, year in, year out, dedicated cooks take to their kitchens bright and early the morning of Thanksgiving. Turkeys go in ovens, and cooks spend hours making sure every meal is just right and perfectly cooked. Tired of slaving away in the kitchen? Our Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Soup recipe is the perfect main course! Swap the ground chicken for turkey, and adjust the spices to your preference… oh, and let the slow cooker do all the work! Go out for a walk with family and come home to a warm, hearty soup everyone will love!

Delicious Desserts

Sparkling Lemon Grapefruit Jello

Refreshing flavors combine in this low-fat jello recipe, a tasty yet light dessert option to close out your dinner. Perfect for sharing, our Sparkling Lemon Grapefruit Jello recipe is a great dessert recipe that’s sure to satisfy without leaving guests feeling stuffed or bloated. Best of all, it pairs perfectly with the next dessert option too—give your guests both or serve individually!

Pineapple Thai Basil & Ginger Sorbet

If any of your guests are gluten-free, this dessert option is sure to be a hit! Lighter and more refreshing than ice cream, our Pineapple Thai Basil & Ginger Sorbet is a delicious cool treat that can be served alone or alongside our Sparkling Jello recipe above. Give your guests options and stretch out from the traditional pumpkin options this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday full of tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put fun new spins on familiar dishes or try new meals! Try including a few of these recipes as fun alternatives, or go all-in on a new menu and start a new low-fat, low-carb Thanksgiving tradition!

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