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Avoid Refined Sugar And Diets High In Fat For A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

We’ve all heard of studies that tell us foods that are high in fat have been linked to obesity and heart disease. The spotlight on fatty foods has left another food culprit in the shadows until recently: refined sugar.

Diets high in refined sugar are just as harmful, if not more so, than diets high in saturated fats. Switching to a low-fat, low-sugar diet helps cut out plenty of these harmful foods.

Sugar’s ill effects have been heavily downplayed, according to a recent article from The New York Times: the sugar industry has influenced nutrition health research in recent history.

Documents were released that show the sugar industry paid researchers to downplay the effects of sugar on heart disease in the 1960s. Coca-Cola has also been accused of paying millions of dollars for researchers to place less blame on sugary drinks as the main cause of obesity.

Now light is being shed on the harmful effects of refined sugar on our health, understanding that 4 carbohydrates = 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Consider a low-fat, low-sugar diet to avoid the following sugar-related health issues:

Tooth Decay

One harmful effect of refined sugar that hasn’t been hidden from common knowledge is tooth decay. Any dentist can tell you to avoid diets high in sugar if you want to avoid cavities.

A low-sugar diet reduces the chances of tooth decay, which will save you from costly dentist visits to treat cavities, gum disease, and painful tooth infections.


More people are aware of the correlation between high-sugar diets and obesity. Obesity rates continue to rise in North America because many people eat sugary foods (from breakfast to dessert, with snacks in between) and consume soft drinks high in refined sugar.

A low-fat, low-sugar diet helps prevent obesity by providing healthy weight control.


Diabetes is another rising health problem in North America, especially among youth. High-sugar diets are to blame more frequently for this disease, which can lead to greater health problems down the road.

By eating a balanced low-sugar diet, you can keep your body healthy and avoid diet-related diseases.

Heart Disease

Although saturated fats were mostly to blame for heart disease, high-sugar diets are now considered harmful on the heart as well. Obesity and diabetes resulting from high-sugar diets are also strenuous on the heart and can lead to further heart disease risks.

To avoid these and other health problems, consider a low-fat, low-sugar diet for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let sugar impact your health!