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Many of us have to travel for a living; some more than others. We travel for pleasure, also. But, if you have ever been in an airport, on a plane, on the road, or in a hotel you know as well as I do it is HARD to stay on your protocol. But, it is not impossible. It does require some planning and a deep desire to stay on your healthy eating track. 
I will challenge myself when I travel to find ways to stay on my mission. First, I always travel with food in my purse and my travel bag. Usually it’s portable food such as protein bars, healthy nuts, and protein powders I can easily mix in a cold water bottle. There are many instances that I will also carry cut, fresh veggies that I have packed the night before. I like celery and colored peppers because they hold up well. I recently tried jicama, and it was awesome, crunchy and easy to transport in a container.  
Two of the biggest pitfalls with staying on protocol are coffee creamers, and dressings! I never travel without both. I have a protein shake that I like as a coffee additive that is sweet and creamy. I put that in a portable container. I do the same thing with my homemade dressing, or an approved dressing for my plan. 
If I travel by car, I always pack a cooler with similar foods, but I might add some hard -boiled eggs and some meats and greens. For sure, my own water bottles and approved drinks. Saves me a bunch of money, too!  I have also packed my “bullet” blender for making green smoothies in the morning with my greens, veggies and protein powder. They are delicious, easy and filling. 
Secondly, when I get where I am going sometimes I find a nearby food store like Whole Foods, or Fresh Market and load up on food that keep me going in the right direction. It really just takes a little more planning and focus to eat well while you are away. Change your brain so you can change your habits and your health. 
Lastly, don’t get caught up in peer pressure from others in your group. They can do what they want, you do what is right for you. What’s the difference? Maybe you can get them to become more thoughtful with their choices! It CAN go both ways. Don’t use your traveling as an excuse to get off track. It is probably one of the reasons you are on your plan to lose weight and feel better. You must make these changes as part of a lifestyle not a “diet” plan. Otherwise, you will go back to your old habits and gain your weight back. Keep your focus!  


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