How to Preserve Herbs in Oil

It happens way too often that we go to the grocery store or the local market and buy bundles of fresh herbs only to have them wilt and get slimy by the end of the week. A simple yet effective way for you to keep your herbs fresher longer and to avoid wasting produce is to preserve your herbs in oil.

This quick method is one of my favorite kitchen tricks, any anyone can do it. All you need is an ice-cube tray, your fresh herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. Simply assemble these two ingredients your ice cube tray, store it in the freezer, and pop them out when ready to use for your next dish. With very minimal effort, you can maximize the flavor of your next meal!

These are perfect to throw into your fall and winter stews, roasts, soups, or, on top of mashed potatoes. You can use these tiny cubes of deliciousness in just about anything. And best of all? It only takes 10 minutes to whip them up!
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