Get that perfect airtight seal without the help of a machine!

Not all of us have the means to get our hands on a sealing machine. If you want to learn how to seal food to keep it fresher for longer, try our quick and easy method to get that airtight seal without an expensive and cumbersome machine. All you’ll need: resealable bag, bowl or pot, tap water.

To keep your food stored in an airtight bag, follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Place the meat inside a resealable bag and partially seal it.
Step 2: Lower the bag into a bowl or pot of tap water. The air will escape the bag leaving it airtight! Water pressure will work for you as it pushes the air out of the bag, leaving your food in a virtually air-free bag.
Step 3: Dip the bag just until you get to the zipper, do not submerge it fully! Once you get near the end, seal off the rest of the bag. Remove from water and pat dry with a dish towel.

Now all you have to do is store the bag in your fridge or freezer for later consumption.
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