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Serve up a Delicious Meal with Only the Best Gluten Free

There are many things to enjoy about the holiday season, but
one of the top things on (mostly) everyone’s list is indulging in decadent
meals and drinks that they swear they only partake in once a year. We’re
talking about the Christmas feast: a veritable smorgasbord of mouth-watering
dishes laid out in plain view on an overly decorated table; the turkey, stuffing,
bread, mashed and sweet potatoes, a variety of veggies, and of course a boat of
gravy to drown it all in. Even the most conscientious eater can get lost in the
fray and find themselves’ over-indulging on a second plate, when the first
heaping plate was likely enough to last them 2 meals on its own. One thing that
can really weigh you down is the carb-loaded offerings that make up about 75%
of any meal and have you wishing you didn’t take that third spoonful of mashed
potatoes after all.

If will-power simply isn’t your strong suit (monitor your
portions), then we have some great tips for the best gluten free recipes you’ll
ever have the pleasure of eating. “Gluten-free” you say? What exactly is gluten?
Simply put, gluten is the substance that can be found in cereal grains
(especially wheat) which can attribute the dough with that “elastic” feature we
often see. While it can cause illness in those with celiac disease, gluten is
also something people are trying to avoid in hopes of a healthier eating lifestyle.
Gluten free recipes, by their very nature, attempt to provide you with that
delicious meal you crave, while avoiding, well, the gluten.

Here are a few tips for the best gluten free recipes we’ve
come across, for your future indulgence:

Substitute your bread for gluten free bread: In a beautiful
gluten free parsnip, pork, and apple stuffing you can nix your regular bread
for the gluten free variety, not diminishing the flavour at all, while still
giving you that delicious filling you want to side with your turkey.

Fill up on veggies: This should be a no brainer but just
because the turkey is the star of the meal doesn’t mean you can’t load up on
the delicious greens surrounding it. Any good gluten free recipe will feature
vegetables because not only do they not contain gluten, they provide a major
health-kick during an indulgent feeding period.

Desserts can be made gluten free as well: the best gluten
free recipes will find alternatives to ensure the sweet end to a filling meal
is never missed. Using gluten free flour and baking powder is an easy fix and
the results are identical, if not better! Try some gluten free blondies,
chocolate brownies, or even chocolate cake at your next meal.

Remember, the holiday season is one meant for family and
food, and no one should be left out. Feel free to look up more of the best
gluten free recipes and make this holiday a memorable and delicious one. 

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