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This time of year there are many people who are trying to lose weight before the holidays. Many of them just want to fit into that special outfit, or just feel less bloated! It is incredible when we go on diets how the people around us suddenly become experts! “Oh, c’mon, one won’t hurt you”. “You can have just one”. “It’s okay, you can get back on that silly diet tomorrow”. “ You are getting too thin anyways, you can eat it”. “How much more weight are you going to lose? You are thin enough”. “You deserve it”.  

In some way, whether it is conscious or not, these “experts” are sabotaging your efforts to be well. It can become very toxic to your efforts. Most of the time those “nay sayers” are not in good shape themselves and wish they could be as focused and dedicated as you are. Don’t let their words derail you. Stay on your mission. What you deserve is to fit in your clothes, get a good medical report, receive genuine compliments, and to get your energy back!

What I find even more shocking is how we allow these people we care about to get into our head. We have the ones who want us to be “like we were”… they want their old “partner in crime” to eat with them so they don’t feel as guilty when they make their choices. There are the other ones in our lives who have NEVER had a weight problem and just don’t understand why we have to be so strict and why we can’t just eat a little.  And, of course, there are the jealous ones. Maybe not in a vindictive way, but in a guilty way; they want what we have and they wish they had the dedication we have. 

We have to learn to say no, not now, not today, maybe next time, I’m not in the mood today, but thanks anyways. I always say, if you were newly pregnant and at a party where they were offering alcohol, what would you do?  You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s not their business. On the same note, you are not being ‘anti-social’ if you do not partake. You are in control of YOU. You can be prepared and plan ahead. Bring your own drinks and food to share. Lead your friends more your way, don’t always succumb to their ways.  Bottom line, you have to make choices, albeit tough ones, but worth the effort. At the end of your journey, the sacrifice will be worth it! 

Do you have saboteurs?

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