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Losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy task. Trust me, I know. I have been there. 
So many emotions would run through my mind when I was trying to lose weight. I felt a little depressed, anxious and so frustrated at times… I would lose the weight and slowly it would just keep creeping back. Ugh!!! WHY??? And, every time I would try to lose the weight again, it got harder and harder. I was struggling to find that inner athlete that I once knew. I was so desperate to be that happy, healthy person that I once was that it became an obsession. But yet, the scale still wouldn’t budge. I would have done anything to get rid of that extra fat. I drove myself crazy over it too. I basically put my life on hold because I was so self-conscious about my body. I wouldn’t go out to dinner with friends, I would not go to the beach and would not go to family gatherings either. All because I wanted to hide until I was proud to show off my body and until I saw those 3 perfect little digits on the scale. All that did was make me feel even worse about myself, and well, since I was alone with no one else to see, I would eat for comfort… 
A scale was not going to run my life… so I ditched it! For some reason, that day, I decided that I wasn’t going to let a number decide whether I loved myself or not and I certainly was not going to wish my life away. After that day, things began to change. I took my life back and put the whole weight loss obsession on hold for a bit. I was careful with what I ate and still went to the gym regularly but was not overly strict about it anymore. Well, what do you know! The weight started to come off …
I had committed one of the biggest mistakes one can make when trying to lose weight. 
Here is what I know now:
Your body will only respond once your mind is in a positive place. If there is a disconnection between your mind and body, you will continue to be disappointed with your results and you will continue to see no permanent change. Stress and emotions play a huge role in the weight loss process. If you are continuously beating yourself up, defeating your thoughts and continue to feel unworthy of happiness because of a silly number than you will continue to see no change. 
If you think positively, positive things will happen. I know this sounds so cliché but it is very true!!! Wherever you are in your journey, continue to have a full life. Do whatever it is that makes you happy and don’t let your diet stop you. Go on vacation, take pictures and go shopping! By doing all the things you love to do, you will start to build that self-confidence that has been missing for so long. Don’t just accept your body, LOVE IT, regardless of what the scale says. It is a process, be patient!

Your journey is a powerful one so be proud of it!

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