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When I started my own journey, I knew I needed to make food taste good, or I would get bored and quit. That is a challenge for some people, but that is why is a great support for ideas and help to create a FUN kitchen. Stepping outside your box, and trying new foods is what will help you reach your goals. More importantly, learn to manage your new weight. 

Many people believe that you can’t eat clean and lean and get good tasting food! I am a real ‘foodie’! In my heritage, if you did not eat ‘nana’s’ food and take her second offerings, it was an insult!! But, my nana was also over 300 pounds! Although I loved her very much, I did not want to become her, even with my love for her food!  So, I learned how to take her flavors and turn those meals into fast, easy, and good tasting, but in a low fat, low carb kind of way! 

What is your favorite food from your heritage? Can you re-create it to make it low fat and low carb? 

SHURWA ( “Potato” Stew) 
7 ounces lamb or beef , cut in chunks
1 scallion, chopped
1 green pepper , cubed   
½ cup chopped turnip, peeled
½ can of chopped tomatoes, 4 ounces
¼ tsp of sea salt ( to taste)
¼ tsp of paprika
 1/3 tsp of Black pepper (to taste)

Place meat in saucepan and cover with water. Cook on medium-low heat until almost tender and water evaporates. Add chopped scallion, black pepper,paprika and salt. Mix thoroughly. Add tomatoes and turnip. Let simmer until turnips are cooked. Add green pepper and simmer for 5 minutes. Bon appetit!

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