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Becoming a healthier and fitter you does not mean that you have to become incredibly dull with your food choices. You can still have fun with your meals and continue to eat the things you love. By doing so, you will ensure that you are making sustainable changes for life! Think about it. If you stick to a fad diet, you will eventually get extremely bored and periodically, you will start binging on the junk foods you once loved because you are feeling deprived. 
An easy way stay on track is by simply switching out your fav foods with healthier alternatives. Here are my go to swaps:

French Fries – Rutabaga Fries

I think it is safe to say that French fries are part of almost everyone’s list of comfort foods. The good news is that French fries are easily replaceable. There are so many alternative ways to prepare vegetables! My favourite French fry swap is rutabaga fries (with olive oil, garlic and chili pepper).  If you have not already tried these, you must! Trust me, they are so good that you won’t even want regular fries anymore! 

Sweets – Frozen Fruit Pops

Chocolate, jujubes, bubblegum… Oh sweets, how tempting they are! No stress! You can easily tame that sweet tooth with a bit of prep work. Simply pre-freeze your favorite berries. They are a delicious and refreshing treat! 

Pasta – Zucchini Noodles or Spaghetti Squash

This one is a no brainer! So easy to make too! For zucchini noodles, all you have to do is cut it up spaghetti style and sauté with your sauce and protein of choice. For the spaghetti squash (my fav!), cut it in half and pop it in the oven with oil and herbs for 30-45 minutes. Voila! 

White Rice – Cauliflower Rice or Quinoa

Rice goes with everything… It is the perfect side dish, right? Well, it is time to set it aside and make some room for a less carby version of itself: Cauliflower rice! All you have to do is blanch cauliflower florets and blend in a food processor. You will be left with a rice like texture. That’s it! Quinoa is the bomb too! I love to prepare this grain with some broth for added flavor. So many great choices… Decisions, Decisions…

Mayonnaise – Avocado

Switch it up with avocado instead of mayo. Avocados are healthy fats and they are also packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Tortilla Wraps – Lettuce Wraps

Enjoy a wrap without all the calories!

Cow’s Milk – Almond Milk

Dairy is often the cause of an upset stomach. Substitute it with an alternative such as almond or soy milk. I prefer almond milk but to each their own. 

Table Salt – Sea Salt

Did you know that table salt is usually depleted of natural minerals? Sea salt is much better for the body since it contains numerous essential minerals and it is also a great source of magnesium. 

Do you swap it out? What’s your go to “healthy” alternative? Please share in the comments below.

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