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Sometimes, as a health coach, I get so frustrated with some of the clients that come to see me! Not AT them, FOR them! I want to teach them that they have control over what goes in their mouths! No one is holding a gun to their heads telling them to order the side of fries, or the chocolate cake… it’s their choice and their decision!  If you make a choice to deviate from your mission, then own it, zip it up and move on! One “bad” choice does not have to turn into many bad choices, a week of bad choices, and then months of bad choices.  It is what we do MOST of the time that adds up to success! 

An old quote that I have always appreciated is “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” (Joseph Kennedy) . When your circle starts to “pick on you” for not participating with them as far as food and drinks, you have to be convicted to your mission of getting well, even when it’s really hard to say NO. Its tough, but YOU are tougher.  

What is the hardest situation you have been in while on your weight loss journey?

How did you handle it?? 

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