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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
I am asked every week, at least 50 times, “what are good snack foods for me?” That all depends on where you are in your journey.  Are you trying to lose, but need more food? Are you at your maintenance goal? Are you just trying to eat healthier? Are you already a Type 2 diabetic, or pre-diabetic?
Whatever your answers are to the above questions, there is one common denominator: you will always need more protein, less fat and less carbs! I have become a master at having many different snack foods on hand.  Mostly, the choices I make are whole foods, but I do have a supply of low fat, low carb meal replacements that help me stay in check. You should have many choices, too. 
Here are some of my ‘GO TO’ snacks:
How about crunching on cucumbers with sea salt? I also like celery with hot wing sauce on the side (get the zero carb type).  How about shrimp cocktail that you make your own sauce with low carb ketchup and fresh horseradish and lemon? What about asparagus roasted with olive oil spray and sea salt as an afternoon snack? That takes 7 minutes- and you can make them as “crunchy” as you’d like!  Another idea to change it up is radishes with sea salt or sliced into a salad for the crunch and kick. Make some chicken salad with pieces of prepared chicken (either roasted chicken from the store that you take the skin off or the canned type? But, don’t use mayonnaise; use mustard and apple cider vinegar.  Or cut up red, yellow or orange peppers and use one of’s dressing recipes? Of course, kosher dill pickles are always a good choice for crunch and salt! One of my newest vegetables to work with is jicama, a low-glycemic Mexican root, that is great chopped with cilantro and fresh lime (kind of tastes like an apple), or use it to make fries; very good either way. I am a big fan of hard-boiled eggs. I also make egg white salad, with chopped celery, peppers, scallions, sea salt, pepper, paprika, mustard, and apple cider vinegar. I have also made zucchini chips. Those are fun and easy. 
LowFatLowCarb also has a great new snack section that you can take a peek at! 
The choices are endless if you will focus on your health, goals, and new habits. These are lifestyle changes, not just for your diet mode. They have to become part of what you do, not like a chore, but a daily routine.  Embrace the changes, no matter how small or big, you CAN make these modifications to your life, for your future. I LOVE to eat this way, all the time, but I do have my pleasure foods and snacks as well; just not while I am correcting my weight and health. 


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