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Check Out These Helpful Slow Cooker Tips And Make Better Meals Tonight

Nothing beats coming to the delicious smell of home cooking. The welcoming aroma of chicken soup, roasted vegetables, a good stir-fry, or any freshly cooked meal can take you from stressed to relaxed in seconds. Unfortunately, finding the time and energy to cook when you get home can be a challenge. It can be tough to stay energized when faced with the prospect of cooking a full meal after a busy day!

Thankfully, there is a solution! A slow cooker can help you cut down on cooking time and let you come home to a delicious meal every day. Check out these slow cooker tips to make the most of your slow cooker and can help you make every meal delicious!

Know Your Settings (And When to Use Them)

Knowing how your slow cooker works can be the difference between an amazing meal and a dry piece of meat. A slow cooker works by transferring heat from the base upwards through the sides of the pot. Heat at the base will also rise through the pot.

For most cookers, the low setting is best for larger pieces of meat. This low-power, long cook time setting leaves your meat tender and juicy. It traps condensations, continuously basting your food as it cooks. The high setting is generally recommended for anything you would cook for only an hour or two. This includes things likes dips and sauces.

Layering For Effective Cooking

This slow cooker tip is an absolute must if you want to make stews or soups. All slow cookers heat from the base, and heat rises. Be sure to put tougher, firmer vegetables (think rutabaga) at the bottom to prevent your meat from overcooking. These vegetables take a fair amount of time before breaking down, so by placing them closer to the heat source you can create a protective barrier to keep your delicate ingredients from becoming overcooked.

Sometimes Reheated is Better

Have you ever noticed that some things taste better after being reheated? Stews, chili, and sauces tend to improve the day after you cook them once they’ve been reheated. The flavors have more of an opportunity to develop and interact. It just so happens your slow cooker is the perfect tool for cooking these recipes. Don’t be afraid to use your slow cooker to make larger batches of food for frozen leftovers. Reheat in a pan, microwave, or even your slow cooker, and enjoy those fully-developed flavors!

Your Results May Vary

This tip isn’t going to necessarily change your cooking but instead focuses on expectations and planning. Not all slow cookers are built the same, and you’re likely going to have to learn the finer details of your machine before you get truly comfortable with it. While you fine-tune your cook times, don’t be annoyed if some ingredients don’t turn out perfectly. It’s a learning process, and you’ll soon get the hang of it!

One of the best parts of a slow cooker is experimenting and discovering new meals you can make. As you get more comfortable with your slow cooker, you’ll soon discover easy ways to make great meals. Better still, you’ll be handing slow cooker tips of your own to friends and family! Don’t be afraid to embrace slow cooking. Save time, energy, and enjoy amazing meals!

And remember: if you’re stuck on what to make, there’s always soup!

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