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You may feel like it is more expensive to eat healthy but you will find that you can do it economically with careful planning and preparation

It is far cheaper in the long run to make the effort now and to take care of your health, rather than having to pay more medical bills and miss time from work and fun later.

  1. Bring a list and stick to it! Make a menu plan for the week and consult the store ads and coupon offers to see what is on sale that week so you can incorporate it into your plan.
  2. Don’t make the grocery store a restaurant! Avoid this by never going shopping while hungry
  3. Navigate the outer aisles of the store first and avoid the aisles that are not on your list. The perimeter has your vegetables, dairy, fruits and meats. The interior has all of your processed foods.
  4. Never eat in the store or the car!
  5. Just say no to samples!
  6. Skip the specials. It’s not a deal if it’s not on the list. Conversely, stock up on staples like chicken breasts that can be frozen or stored in the pantry and won’t tempt you to overindulge.
  7. Buy real food and the least-prepared foods to save money. Processed and packaged foods are much higher in cost and frequently lower in nutritional value than those that you prepare yourself.  Buy bulk sizes of items that you use frequently and that have a longer shelf life.  Here are some ways you can save money:
    • Buy whole broccoli stalks rather than pre-cut broccoli florets to save money and preserve vitamin content.
    • Marinate chicken breasts with your own healthy homemade marinades rather than buying prepackaged marinated chicken which is more expensive and usually has added salt and sugar.
    • Make your own healthy salad dressing with your favorite herbs, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil rather than the store bought brands which frequently have added salt, sugar and damaged fats.
    • Buy fresh vegetables or plain frozen vegetables rather than the vegetable medleys with sauces.

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