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Has anyone had the experience of almost everyone telling you to “stop losing weight”? That “you have lost enough”? And, “now you are too skinny”? I have words for you; SHAKE IT OFF! 
Those words mean many things. If you shake something off, you get over it and move on. Usually it is something painful, either physically or emotionally. It can mean to “let it go”, or “forget it”, or “get rid of it”
What I have experienced is that the people around you who are watching your journey either start to get jealous of you (not always in a malicious way), or they wish they could do what you are but they are afraid.  Either way, it is hard to hear those words from the people you care about because you have worked so hard to get to this point. 
I have found it fairly normal for people to start commenting about your weight loss.  In fact, I anticipate these words with my clients ahead of time and help them to have good responses to the “you are too skinny” speech! 
Just tell your well meaning friends that you are happy and feeling great! Let them know you appreciate their comment, however, you are in complete control. Ask them what they think you should weigh? Then tell them you are in that range. Say thanks for your concern, but this is the best you have felt in years. 
You can acknowledge that you realize your dramatic loss may seem like too much simply because they have not seen you at this new weight before, but you are very healthy and doing well. 
For the most part, the folks that are saying those words to you are usually the ones who also need to lose weight. I very rarely hear that it’s the skinny friends telling you that you are too thin. If the opportunity presents itself, maybe you can turn the speech around to their weight and influence them to start a good program. 
The most important part is that you don’t listen to the negativity, focus on the positive and “SHAKE IT OFF”! 


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