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A Great Gluten-Free Recipe Come Down to Imagination and Great

Celiac disease—an autoimmune disorder of the
digestive system—affects somewhere between one in every 100 and one in every
170 people. For people with this illness, the protein group Gluten (commonly found in wheat, flour, oats, and certain grains) is
indigestible, and consuming it can cause severe pain and other symptoms that are
difficult to manage. Fortunately, a gluten-free diet is not only possible, but
can be delicious with enough imagination! Many gluten-free recipes exist which
reimagine classic meals with a new twist that makes them as edible as they
should be! Here are a few bits of inspiration for you:

the Sandwich

It’s a favorite for
lunches and snacks, and if you’ve been trying to cut back on your carbs, you’ve
likely already made the switch to wraps. But if you’ve just discovered that
you’ve got to cut out the gluten too, then a wrap is still your friend—it just
depends what you wrap it in! Corn tortillas are a perfect stand-in for wrapping
up your cold cuts and veggies, and they taste great (better by far than
store-bought gluten-free breads).

You can also find rice tortillas which work
just as well, and if you want a totally carb-free, gluten-free recipe, wrap
your favorite sandwich ingredients in lettuce. When
buying corn or rice tortillas, make absolute sure that they are 100 percent gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Pasta

When you found out you couldn’t handle gluten
anymore, you likely lamented the loss of pasta—who wouldn’t? This endlessly
customizable dish is a favorite of many, but you
don’t have to cut it out of your gluten-free diet. Both zucchini and eggplant,
cut into thin strips, make a delicious, nutritious, low-carb substitute for
pasta noodles, as does a spaghetti squash—just roast it and pull it apart with
a fork, and you’ll have a delicious gluten-free spaghetti substitute.


And on the subject of Italian food, who
doesn’t love pizza? You can make gluten-free crusts with flour alternatives and
other gluten-free ingredients. But frankly, those aren’t as fun or delicious as
getting creative with your new pizza crust. A Portobello mushroom cap makes for
a perfect snack-sized pizza, while cauliflower, polenta, butternut squash,
mashed potatoes, and yes, even our old friends zucchini and eggplant, all make
for excellent gluten-free pizza recipes.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, here
to get you started on your road to a happy, healthy, gluten-free diet. There
are endless ways to cut this harmful protein from your diet if you are one of
those unfortunate few who can’t eat it, and the only limit is your imagination!

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