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For the last couple of weeks now, I have been following a weight loss protocol. A very restricted one at that! Although, it is working out beautifully for me, my emotions have been going through quite the roller coaster ride… If you have ever followed a weight loss protocol yourself, you know exactly what I mean! 
Losing weight is a struggle and anyone who tells you otherwise well, they are either lying or have extraordinary self-control. And good for them if they do! Unfortunately, we are not all so confident and ready to give up our favorite things in life. Let me tell you, I have had my share of ups and downs. Some days, I am so committed and love every minute of my journey but there are other days where I just want to quit and have slice of deep-dish pizza with some double chocolate chip cookies on the side! … The good news is: I am getting better at ignoring the temptations. I find that with time, they are slowly drifting away allowing me get closer and closer to my goal weight. 15 lbs down, 15 lbs to go! Never had I thought this journey of mine would be such a lengthy process and that it would require so much willpower. It’s all in the head though… I find myself craving things that I have never even really liked in the past… Weird! Right?  But I guess, like many other things, we want what we can’t have. 
In the end, I am so proud of my results and that I am finally achieving a goal that has been long over due. Just like many of you! 
Recently, I came across this article by Jenny Sugar from PopSugar Fitness’ Healthy Living section where she quite accurately describes the many emotions that most women go through while losing weight. I would like to share these thoughts with you as I myself have experienced some of these exact thoughts! Take a look: 
  • Stepped on the scale: Diet starts today! No more excuses!
  • But… I want to eat everything in sight! 
  • Nope, not that plain salad
  • The brownie. The. Entire. Pan!
  • Sometimes, I do…
  • But, then I feel sad about it: Why did I eat so much food!?!
  • But, tomorrow, I get a fresh start
  • I curse my 6am alarm clock. 
  • But then, I remember how awesome it feels to break a good sweat
  • Even though I secretly despise those “fit” girls at the gym
  • Their determination is so inspirational though!
  • I know that one day, I will look like that! 
  • But boy! Do I ever hate squats …
  • My new butt looks great though!
  • Too bad for my butt that I love eating & drinking just as much
  • Stress makes me want to eat! Fun fact: Stressed is desserts spelled backwards
  • Being happy also makes me want to eat
  • Being bored too…
  • What can I say? I love carbs!
  • And Ice cream
  • And anything deep fried served on a stick or smothered in chocolate or cheese
  •  Yep, always in the mood for food 
  • But, I stand firm and think about how hot I will look in my bikini this summer
  • Or, how jealous my ex will be!
  • Or, how healthy I will be for my kids!
  • Yep, losing weight isn’t easy…
  • But, feeling good in my new body makes it all so worthwhile 
  • So, I make spinach smoothies for breakfast
  • Run instead of going to happy hour after work
  • And, do some reps while watching Games Of Thrones
  • It’s all about baby steps, But I’ve got my eye on the prize! 

So, am I just crazy or have you as well gone through similar emotions? Be honest! 

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