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Here are the amazing, nutritious, and above all delicious recipes that will get you through Boxing Day and beyond!

Get ready for the New Year with these amazing new recipes including our delicious new variation on Hawaiian poke and a great slaw made with jicama. Planning on hitting the gym in 2017? Then you’re going to want to use our refreshing electrolyte tonic to recharge after every workout!


Salmon Poke Bowl

Try our fresh twist on a traditional Hawaiian poke bowl recipe. Our Salmon Poke Bowl recipe combines delicious and healthy ingredients to create something that’ll really satisfy your taste buds. This amazing combination of fresh fish, crisp vegetables, and nutritious riced cauliflower will have you coming back for seconds. Give this fresh fish dish a try for lunch or dinner and see for yourself!


Ginger Lemon Electrolyte Tonic

Ginger Lemon Electrolyte Tonic

Try our refreshing electrolyte tonic the next time you work out! This refreshing Ginger Lemon Electrolyte Tonic uses our tasty Ginger Lime Water recipe and is a great substitute for your standard sports drinks! Cut out the sugar and other additives for something that’s simple and sure to please. This electrolyte-boosting tonic is the perfect partner for when you’re trying to recharge during or after a workout – or you can just sip away to refresh on a hot summer day!


Jicama Slaw

Do you enjoy traditional coleslaw, but want to cut the mayo and heavy cream found in so many recipes? Then you’re going to love our Jicama Slaw! Pairing crisp cabbage with delicious jicama, we drop the heavier high-fat ingredients in favor of apple cider vinegar and hot sauce to give this tasty salad just enough kick to keep you coming back for more!

Recipes for the Week of December 26th


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