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Need some inspiration for your holiday season lunches and dinners?

We’ve got the latest amazing recipes ready for you to enjoy! Add these to your menu for delicious and healthy alternatives, and discover some new favorites (not to mention fun twists on familiar recipes) along the way! Check out the week’s best recipes:


“No Potato” Salad

No potato salad prep step 4 - ready to serve

Potato salad is a favorite recipe for family gatherings, backyard barbecues, and everything in between. But when you’re on a low-fat low-carb diet, you’ve got to let go of potatoes! But you don’t have to give up the salad! Our “No-Potato” Salad packs in the flavor you’ve come to know and love but swaps the carb-heavy potatoes for delicious and nutritious cauliflower. Give it a try and keep this favorite in your menu!


Chicken Arugula Salad

As delicious as your go-to chicken salad might be, sometimes it’s good to change things up! The slight peppery flavor of arugula is the perfect opportunity to put some variety into your salads, and adding some delicious chicken just seals the deal. Try our Arugula Chicken Salad recipe for yourself and see how small substitutions can open you to new flavors and inspiration!


Chicken Fajita Soup

Chicken fajita soups are a favorite at many dinner tables, so it can be tough to give up the comforting and exciting flavors when you’re trying to stick to a paleo diet, or a low-fat low-carb diet. Thankfully, this delicious (not to mention spicy!) Chicken Fajita Soup recipe, which is Paleo Diet friendly, has great taste that’s sure to satisfy. Plus, it’s a healthier option, ditching the carbs typically found in tortillas.

Recipes for the Week of December 12th


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