Turkey & Kale Soup

An easy turkey soup recipe the whole family can enjoy

10 min. 1 serv.
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A delicious turkey and kale soup is the perfect combination of wholesome nutrients and succulent flavors. Make this heartwarming meal for tonight’s dinner and let us know what you thought in the comments section below!

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If you are following a certain protocol that does not allow for an ingredient that is listed below, please feel free to remove it from the recipe. If you need suggestions for substitutions, email us at info@lowfatlowcarb.com.
7 Oz Ground turkey
1 Cup Mushrooms, chopped
1 Cup Kale, chopped
1 Cup Chicken stock
1 Tsp Garlic, minced
1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil


Did you know?

The urban legend that turkey makes you tired is actually a myth – it does contain tryptophan which is related to serotonin which makes you tired, but turkey contains the same level of tryptophan as all other meats. This means that you can enjoy our easy turkey soup recipes as without feeling sleepy!

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