Tomato Sauce (Coulis)

This tomato sauce recipe can be used in so many meals!

25 min. 0 serv.
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In a large pot, add olive oil, tomatoes, water and half of the garlic clove; continue stirring. Now, add thyme, bay leaf, sea salt and pepper to your pot; stir and let simmer at a low temperature for approximately 20-30 minutes. Make sure the tomatoes do not burn (you can add water if needed). Once the tomatoes are stewed,  add remaining garlic, remove from heat and let cool. Once the tomato stew has reached room temperature, remove bay leaf and thyme stem. Lastly, in a blender, blend the stew until a smooth texture is reached. Start at low speed and work your way up to med-high; taste and adjust seasoning as desired. Ready to use! 

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4 Cup Tomatoes, diced
1 Tsp Olive oil
1 Garlic clove, minced
1/4 Cup Water
1 Fresh thyme
1 Bay leaf


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