Our Summer Salad Rolls combine traditional flavor and nutrition for a delicious appetizer like no other!

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Our Summer Salad Rolls is the perfect summer recipe! Choose your own vegetables to add to the rolls for endless combinations of fun! This dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare, so get cooking!

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3/4 Cup Vegetables of choice, Carrot, cucumber, snow or snap peas, beets, radish, celery and bell pepper
1 Cup peanuts, Salted and roasted
1 Can Beets, Juice
6 Rice papers, Each 6.5 inches in diameter
1/2 Cup Hummus
A few Fresh mint, Or coriander leaves
1 1/2 Cups Tamari Sauce, on the side, optional
3 Tbsp Fresh lemon juice


step #1

Drain beet juice into a measuring cup and add water to make 1¼ cups. Pour the liquid into a small pie plate.

step #2

Use 1 or 2 rice papers at a time and place them into the juice for 60 to 90 seconds. Lay the rice papers on a tea towel to dry.

step #3

Julienne vegetables of your choice 3 approximately inches long. Chop the peanuts.

step #4

Lightly spread rice paper with hummus. Season with peanuts. Place a few vegetables on top in the middle. On the opposite side, place 2 to 3 leaves of coriander or mint slightly in from the edge.

step #5

Fold up the bottom of the rice paper nearest you over the vegetables and then fold in the sides. Grasp vegetables while rolling the rice paper up into a cigar shape so that they will stay in place.

step #6

Stir together chili sauce with lime juice. On each plate, spread 1 tbsp. of chili sauce.

step #7

Ready to Serve!



26 ratings

Did you know?

Did you know that spring rolls are a traditional dish found in most East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine?

This means that although they are well-known, they vary according to region!

One thing that all spring roll recipes have in common is that this appetizer is typically eaten during the spring, as a way to welcome the new spring vegetables of the year.

The perfect way to pair these delicious Summer Salad Rolls is with our Low-Carb Pho Soup for a fun night in!

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