This stuffed pepper recipe is a great way to reuse leftover shrimp!

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Sometimes, you cook a little too much for dinner – that’s okay! It just means you’ve got something ready to go for your lunch the next day. That’s what makes this stuffed bell pepper recipe so great: you’ve already done the hard work, so now you just get to enjoy an easy and refreshing lunch. There’s nothing quite like a stuffed pepper recipe, so try it for your next meal and get a taste for yourself!


2 Tbsp Chives
1 Bell pepper
7 Oz Shrimp, cooked
1 Cup Iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced
2 Tbsp Dressing, your choice (low Fat, Low Carb)


step #1

Before you start, make sure you've got a low-fat, low-carb dressing ready to go - they're all a great match with this stuffed pepper recipe!

step #2

Start but cutting a bell pepper in two and removing the seeds and pith. Set it aside until you've got your other ingredients prepared.

step #3

Finely chop your chives and set them aside for your stuffing, and to season the finished product. The fine chop will also release a bit more flavor, which will really liven up the stuffing.

step #4

Mix your leftover shrimp (make sure it's peeled and deveined, of course), half the chives, and dressing in a bowl until it's easy to work with. The consistency is entirely up to you, though, so don't worry about overdoing it or underdoing it!

step #5

Stuff your pepper halves with your mixture and top with the remaining chives to taste.

step #6

Ready to serve!


11 ratings

Did you know?

A single cup of chopped bell peppers accounts for a whopping 157% of your daily dose of vitamin C! The nutritional quality of this veggie is improved by waiting until it’s ripe and ready to eat, but the good news is if you happen to pick up a pepper that’s not quite there yet, it’ll continue to ripen, even after picking. So don’t despair if you’ve got a bunch of green, tough bell peppers – just give them some time and they’ll be great!

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