A quick and healthy egg foo young recipe!

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This delicious recipe provides a great low carb egg foo young that can help you meet your dietary goals and keep your taste buds happy!

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1 Cup Mushrooms, sliced
1/2 Cup Bean sprout
1/2 Cup Baby bok choy, blanched
1 Tsp Garlic
1 Tsp Soy sauce, low sodium
2 Tbsp Green onions
4 Eggs


step #1

Take your non-stick pan and place it over medium heat.

step #2

Once the pan is hot, add bean sprouts, bok choy, mushrooms, and garlic.

step #3

While your veggies are cooking, add your eggs and soy sauce to a small mixing bowl.

step #4

Mix your eggs and soy sauce. Once they are well mixed, add them to your pan.

step #5

Finally, sprinkle green onions on top of the eggs in the pan and reduce your heat to low.

step #6

Cover your pan and let everything cook on low heat until the eggs are fully cooked.

step #7

Ready to serve!


24 ratings

Did you know?

Egg foo young is a Chinese-American dish developed in the 19th century and is often compared to an omelette. In Chinese culture, the low-carb egg foo young dish is sometimes called “fu yung hai” and is served with sweet and sour sauce.

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