Vegetable stew recipes pair well with delicious seafood!

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If you’ve got leftovers from vegetable stew recipes, put a seaside spin on them with this quick and easy clam recipe. Don’t let vegetable stew or limp veggies go to waste! Pairing clams with thyme and vegetable stew is a great way to refresh an old recipe. Try clam recipes with your favorite vegetables – you won’t regret it!


7 Oz Clams, cooked
4 Oz Clam water
2 Cup Vegetable stew, cooked (ratatouille style)
1 Bunch Thyme
1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil


step #1

This clam recipe is based off a quick and easy vegetable stew recipe that you can prepare ahead of time with leftover vegetables - give it a try and make sure you never have to throw out any vegetables!

step #2

Before starting your recipe, make sure you've pre-cooked your clams. Add a touch of grape seed oil and leftover clam water to a hot, non-stick pan.

step #3

Add a sprig of fresh thyme to your clam water, and let the mixture heat up and reduce for approximately two minutes. 

step #4

Once your liquid has reduced and is simmering quickly, add in your pre-cooked clams. Keep an eye on them, as they won't take long to warm up, and you just want them warmed up.

step #5

Keep tossing and stirring your clams as they reheat, and add your leftover vegetable stew the pan, still stirring and tossing. Once everything's heated through and bubbling gently, you're ready to take it off the heat and plate it!

step #6

Ready to serve!


22 ratings

Did you know?

Do you have trouble getting enough iron in your day-to-day diet? Eat more clams! Clams are naturally rich in iron, with a three-ounce serving of the delicious shellfish containing around 24 milligrams of the mineral, more than enough! This is good new for people struggling to maintain their iron levels, or for those with anemia. Pairing clams with vegetable stew is a great way to add fiber and get your daily caloric intake, all while meeting the recommended daily serving of vegetables. But that’s not all – vegetable stew recipes and soups have been demonstrated to increase leptin levels, a hormone that helps regulate fat storage in your body, letting you lose weight without having to worry about your appetite.

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