Green Beans with Cilantro and Garlic

Tender green beans get a delicious kick of flavor from a blend of some of our favorite spices!

10 min. 2 serv.
39 ratings

Tender green beans really come alive with the right amount of spice and seasoning.

This dish makes for a great snack or appetizer to share with its medley of delicious flavors. The best part, we think, has to be that you can make it the night before, let it marinate, and serve up something truly unforgettable!

It can be hard to find satisfying appetizers or snack foods when you’re sticking to a modern diet, which is why we’re so excited to share this recipe with you. Please enjoy this tasty and nutritious side at your next party or dinner with friends, and make sure you let us know what you think.

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If you are following a certain protocol that does not allow for an ingredient that is listed below, please feel free to remove it from the recipe. If you need suggestions for substitutions, email us at
1 Tbsp Garlic clove, Minced
1/4 Cup Fresh cilantro, Chopped
1 Pound Green beans, Trimmed and washed
2 1/2 Tbsp Olive oil, Extra virgin
1 1/2 Tbsp Lemon juice
1/2 Tsp Red pepper flakes
Sea salt & pepper, To taste


Did you know?

Green beans are a great source of a variety of nutrients, including vitamins A, C, K, and B6. They’re also a great way to get more fiber and protein into your diet, a must if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Green beans have pretty high levels of flavonoids, antioxidants commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids have anti-thrombotic effects, meaning they’ll help prevent blood clots in arteries and veins. As a result, it’s worth getting more green beans in your diet if you’re worried about cardiovascular disease.

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