Our Jello Salad recipe is an easy-to-make super low-calorie side dish that pairs perfectly any meal

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Add a retro twist to your meal tonight with our delicious and refreshing Jello Salad. It might not be quite like the one your grandma used to make, but we’re betting you’ll like this one even more! Best of all, this Jello Salad makes an amazing side for any meal.


1 Cup Jello, Sugar-free
1 Cup Cucumber, Julienne
Alfalfa sprouts, optional


step #1

In a large bowl, mix sugar-free jello and boiling water together.

step #2

Add cucumber directly to the hot jello liquid.

step #3

Put the bowl in the fridge and cool the mixture until it sets.

step #4

Top with alfalfa sprouts.

step #5

Ready to Serve!


15 ratings

Did you know?

Gelatin, found in jello, has been linked to a number of benefits for your bones. It’s earned a reputation for helping fight osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s important to use sugar-free jello mixes, though, as this fun dessert all too often packs in a ton of the sweet stuff. Thankfully, it’s just as delicious when you keep it low-fat, low-carb!

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