Learn how to cook mussels with garlic and tomatoes in no time for dinner tonight!

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If you’re looking for a new recipe, learn how to cook mussels with garlic and tomatoes and see how these great flavors combine. The sweet, tangy acidity of cherry tomatoes offsets the savory flavor of the mussels and garlic, leaving your taste buds satisfied and wanting more. The garlic scapes offer a mild sweetness with just the right touch of garlic goodness to put a new twist on a familiar taste. Using garlic cloves and the less-common garlic scapes, learning how to cook mussels with tomatoes and garlic will take no time.


2 Lb Mussels
2 Cup Cherry tomatoes
2 Garlic clove, sliced
1 Garlic scape, chopped


step #1

This recipe takes no time to prepare, but tastes amazing! Best of all, you don't need much to make it. Take a medium-sized pot, and add 2 pounds of mussels - be sure your pot has plenty of room, as it's about to get crowded!

step #2

Add your cherry tomatoes to the pot. You can keep them on the vine or separate them, depending on your preference. 

step #3

Finely slice your garlic cloves and add them to the pot. This is the first type of garlic you'll be using in this recipe. 

step #4

Take two garlic scapes and chop them finely, leaving the flower intact for garnish, if you are including them. Add your chopped garlic scapes to the pot, and cover, season with pepper, and steam the contents for approximately five to ten minutes. 

step #5

Ready to serve!


17 ratings

Did you know?

Do you find yourself catching a cold all too often? You might want to get more garlic in your diet! Studies have shown that garlic is a potent ally when it comes to fighting off common colds and, in some cases, the flu. Garlic helps boost the immune system, thanks in part to the vitamin C content it has, and has even been linked to reduced heart diseases risks. Garlic scapes, meanwhile, feature all these benefits plus a healthy dose of protein. Learn how to cook mussels with garlic to match this great ingredient with great seafood!

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