Flank steak with roasted garlic is sure to be a hit at dinnertime!

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This recipe calls for sliced flank steak with roasted garlic to be cooked along with delicious leeks, all topped with juicy tomatoes. It’s a fun and unique variation on your standard flank steak with compote added for good measure. Give it a try and see how the flavors combine and offset each other!


1 1/2 Cup Leeks, finely sliced
1 Tbsp Cajun seasoning
3 Tbsp Chicken stock
7 Oz Beef flank steak, finely sliced
1/2 Cup Tomatoes, sliced
3 Garlic cloves, roasted
2 Tbsp Chives, chopped


step #1

Before you start, take a moment to check out our tips and tricks for choosing and cleaning leeks.

step #2

Slice your leeks finely before adding them to a hot, non-stick pan; let them cook, stirring occasionally. Add in Cajun spice and chicken stock, and let the pan simmer for approximately 15 minutes.

step #3

Once the leeks have cooked, set them aside on a plate for use later, and add your sliced flank steak to the same hot pan, searing it. 

step #4

Once the steak has been seared to your liking, add tomatoes and garlic, and allow the pan's contents to cook. Letting the flavors release and work with each other is the key to this meal's taste. 

step #5

Finally, top the steak with chives as it finishes cooking. Plate according to your preference, but we recommend topping the steak with leeks, a slice of tomato, and roasted garlic.

step #6

Ready to serve!


38 ratings

Did you know?

The high antioxidant content found in leeks begins to convert into allicin when you slice or chop them. Allicin is an important substance with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and it helps the liver reduce potentially harmful enzymes in its cells, reducing cholesterol in the process. Plus, because leeks are from the same family as garlic, they share the same health benefits as that tasty food – right down to the cancer-fighting compound kaempferol. To top it all off, leeks are the national symbol of Wales, and have been for over 700 years – maybe they’re on to something!

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