Crunchy Citrus Salad

This citrus salad recipe is perfect for a zesty & flavorful lunch!

15 min. 4 serv.
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Trying to find a fantastic lunch recipe? This Crunchy Citrus Salad has so much flavor that you won’t be able to taste where one ingredient begins and the other ends!

A perfect light and healthy meal to sate your appetite and satisfy your hunger!

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If you are following a certain protocol that does not allow for an ingredient that is listed below, please feel free to remove it from the recipe. If you need suggestions for substitutions, email us at
1 Zucchini, peeled
1 Carrots, peeled
1/2 Napa Cabbage, chopped
1 Green pepper, thinly sliced
2 Stalk Green onions, minced
1 grapefruit
1 Lime
1 Bunch Fresh basil, chopped
1 Bunch Fresh cilantro, chopped
2 Handful Bean sprout


2/3 Cup Water
dates, (pitted medjool)
1 Handful Cashews
1 Piece Fresh Ginger, peeled and coarsely chopped
1/2 Garlic clove, peeled, green center removed, coarsely chopped
2 Lime juice
2 Tbsp Soy sauce, or tamari (gluten-free option)


Did you know?

Scallions are often overlooked as a significant source of healthy nutrients.

Scallions, or green onions, are a close relative of the onion but are really from the Allium family.

The micronutrients contained in a scallion are truly missed. Vitamin K is found in abundance as well as folate, iron and manganese!
Mixed with all the other ingredients in this particular recipe, you won’t be short on anything healthy!

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