Coconut Almond Snack Bars

A healthy snack that keeps you on track

45 min. 10 serv.
55 ratings

Some days, we’re really busy.  We end up searching for a quick snack to sustain us as we get through our day.  Well, search no more for we have the solution for you – Coconut Almond Bars!

These bars are easy to make and take for the days that you’re in a rush.  Packed with nutrition, you can eat these knowing that you’re doing your body good.

Remember, you can prepare these in bulk so that you never have to go without a healthy snack – and to top it off, some of the ingredients help to reduce stress and inflammation. We could all use this from time-to-time!

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If you are following a certain protocol that does not allow for an ingredient that is listed below, please feel free to remove it from the recipe. If you need suggestions for substitutions, email us at
1/2 Cup almond flour
1/2 Cup coconut flour
1/2 Cup coconut flakes, shredded and unsweetened
1 Tsp baking powder
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
1/4 Tsp Sea salt
1 Egg
1/3 Cup almond milk, unsweetened
1 Cup dried prunes
1/4 Cup Water
1/2 Cup almond butter, natural creamy
1 Tsp vanilla


Did you know?

Blueberries may be high on the antioxidant scale, but surprisingly prunes are even higher. A study conducted by researchers in Boston ranked prunes, or dried plums, as #1 food in terms of antioxidant capacity. Prunes contain manganese, iron and plant phenolics that function as antioxidants and help protect your cells from free radical damage.

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