Chicken and spinach are a great pairing for a protein-packed meal!

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This delicious recipe for chicken with lemon spinach will leave you feeling energized and ready for whatever challenges the day has in store. The citrus kick of the lemon offsets the bitterness of the spinach, and the chicken gets great flavor from this tart fruit and other seasonings. Try pairing chicken and spinach for dinner tonight!


1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil
7 Oz Chicken, cubed
1/2 Tbsp Lemon zest
2 Cup Spinach, finely chopped
1 Tbsp Lemon juice


step #1

Heat up a non-stick pan with grape seed oil and add the cubed chicken, letting it sear and cook. Season with sea salt and pepper to your preference. 

step #2

As the chicken cooks, add in some lemon zest. You can vary the amount of lemon zest you include, so add a touch more if you want more flavor or play it safe if you find the lemon overwhelming.

step #3

Remove the chicken from heat, and add spinach to the pan. Let it cook off the residual heat from the pan - it won't take long!

step #4

As the spinach is nearly cooked, drizzle it with lemon juice to finish it off, and you'll be ready to plate.

step #5

Ready to serve! 


29 ratings

Did you know?

Pairing chicken and spinach is a great way to support a stronger body. While it won’t give you muscles, the protein in chicken will help you generate them through regular exercise. The vitamin K content in spinach, meanwhile, helps strengthen your bones and contributes to better bone health, preventing the build up and activation of bone-cell targeting osteoclasts. Did we mention spinach is an amazing source of vitamin K? A single cup of this leafy green accounts for over 900% of your daily recommended intake – a little really goes a long way!

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