Chicken With Endives & Celery Root

Given this chicken and endive recipe a try for a healthier dinner tonight!

10 min. 1 serv.
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This is a healthier chicken recipe that really delivers on taste! Endives, celery root, chicken, and tomato team up to give you amazing flavor while letting you stick to your low-fat, low-carb meal plan. When in doubt, this amazing chicken and endive recipe is a great option for any dinner with family and friends!

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1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil
7 Oz Chicken, sliced
1 Cup Celery root, blanched
1/2 Cup Endive, cooked
1/2 Cup Tomato
3 Piece Vietnamese cilantro, or regular cilantro


Did you know?

Endive is a great vegetable to help reach your recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. A single half-cup serving of endives is incredibly low in calories but can give you 3% of that necessary dietary fiber. Fiber’s not just there for good digestion, though – dietary fiber has been shown to have benefits when it comes to improving your heart health. Soluble fibers are able to actually bind to cholesterol in the digestive system and help it pass from the body instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream. High fiber diets have been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels.

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