Chicken Gai Lan & Garlic Minute Stew Recipe

Gai lan recipes with chicken make for a quick, easy, and delicious one-minute stew!

10 min. 1 serv.
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Gai lan is a healthier vegetable with similar properties to broccoli. That’s why gai lan is a great ingredient to use for your low fat, low carb diet plan! Once you’ve tried our one-minute chicken and gai lan stew recipe, don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

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7 Oz Chicken, sliced
1 Garlic, baked with skin
1 Tbsp Lime and chipotle rub
4 Oz Vegetable stock, (may contain gluten)
2 Cup , blanched & diced
2 Tbsp Lime juice


Did you know?

Gai lan is a fat-free vegetable from the broccoli family. Full of the natural antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, gai lan can help keep your body healthier and fit, which is why it is important to feature it in any low-fat, low-carb diet plan. Gai lan not only helps keep your heart healthier, but it also is thought to have properties that help prevent cancer!

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