Healthier chicken cutlet recipes keep you happy and on track with your diet!

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A delicious healthier chicken cutlet recipe is a treat you can enjoy with your whole family. By using chicken cutlets instead of a whole piece of chicken breast, this recipe is quick and easy to prepare… and it tastes so good! If you’re looking for healthier meal options, this chicken cutlet recipe with vegetable pearls will leave you happy and satisfied. Don’t forget to leave a comment once you’ve tried it for yourself!


1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil
7 Oz Chicken, cut in two
1 Cup Zucchini, blanched & pearled
1 Cup Baby bok choy, blanched
2 Garlic clove, baked
1/2 Cup Vegetable coulis


step #1

Before you start your healthier chicken cutlet recipe, you will want to have a vegetable coulis prepared. You will also want to have blanched your baby bok choy and roasted your garlic cloves in the oven at 325°F for 45 minutes.

step #2

Once you are ready to start the recipe, place your non-stick pan over medium heat and add your grape seed oil.

step #3

While your pan is heating up, season your chicken cutlets with sea salt, pepper, and smoked paprika to taste.

step #4

Sear your chicken cutlet on both sides.

step #5

While your chicken cutlets are searing, you can prepare your zucchini pearls for the recipe by using a Parisienne scoop.

step #6

Add your zucchini pearls and already roasted garlic cloves to the pan with your chicken cutlets to let them heat up.

step #7

You can also add your baby bok choy to your chicken cutlets dish to warm them up. Mix everything together so it all heats evenly.

step #8

Season your vegetables with sea salt, or for some extra pizzazz, use smoked sea salt like Chef Verati!

step #9

For this chicken cutlet recipe, your vegetable coulis will be used cold!

step #10

Place your chicken cutlet and vegetables on a dish and drizzle everything with your coulis.

step #11

Ready to serve!


14 ratings

Did you know?

Zucchini can help you lose weight while still providing plenty of essential nutrients to your diet. It is a great low-calorie option, yet it leaves you feeling full and satisfied, moreso than any other fruit or vegetable! By using zucchini pearls in this chicken cutlet recipe, you add body and nutrition to a healthier lean protein, keeping you on track and satisfied for your low-fat, low-carb diet.

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