Chicken and Lentil Salad

This low-fat chicken recipe is great for preparing your lunch in advance!

30 min. 4 serv.
22 ratings

This chicken recipe contains lentils, a combination many of us wouldn’t have thought of!

If you want an incredibly nutritious lunch or light dinner – you need to try this one. If you want more flavor from the lentils, you can cook them in organic, low-sodium broth instead of plain water.

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4 White onion, each cut into 12 wedges
1/4 Cup Olive oil
1 Cup French green lentils
3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 Tbsp Fresh parsley, chopped
Handful Asparagus, trimmed, blanched and cut into three pieces each
1 1/2 Cup Chicken breast, broken into pieces
1/2 Lemon, juice only
salt and black pepper, to taste


Did you know?

Lentils are an incredible source of protein. They contain almost all the amino acids the body requires for optimal repair and growth of the muscular system.

The fiber content you’ll find in some lentils and other legumes is great for controlling your blood sugar levels. This lowers the risk of diabetes significantly.

According to research from the North Dakota Department of Cereal and Food Sciences, lentils provide you with antioxidants that help prevent damage to your cells and genes!

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