Chayote Salad

This fresh chayote salad is guaranteed to give your taste buds a healthy treat!

5 min. 2 serv.
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This crispy Chayote Salad pairs the satisfying crunch and sweetness of chayote with the spice of peppers! The simple dressing, made with lime juice, salt, and pepper, adds wonderful flavor that perfectly complements this delicious veggie. Best of all? You can make this salad in under five minutes!

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2 chayote squash, peeled and sliced thin
2 Tbsp Cilantro, chopped
2 Tbsp Hot peppers
1 Lime juice
1/4 Cup Olive oil, extra-virgin
Sea salt & pepper, to taste


Did you know?

Chayote is from the same family as cucumber and squash. Sometimes called a vegetable pear, the slightly sweet flavor of the chayote makes it a great addition to any salad. It’s also a rich source of dietary fiber and anti-oxidants, and contains a mere 16 calorie for every 100-gram serving – similar to how zucchini can help satisfy an appetite!

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