Our Berry Coconut Water Popsicles will be your new favorite summer treat!

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Who doesn’t love popsicles? After all, they are the perfect summer snack! You’ll want to have our refreshing Berry Coconut Water Popsicles on a sunny day lounging by the pool. If you decide to invite company over for a fun day of swimming, surprise them with this yummy treat! Share this recipe if you love popsicles as much as we do!


2 Cups blueberries, Fresh
Coconut water


step #1

Place the blueberries into a popsicle mold.

step #2

Fill the mold by pouring the coconut water over the blueberries. Insert the popsicle sticks and then cover the mold. Let them chill for several hours before serving.

step #3

Ready to Serve!



30 ratings

Did you know?

When choosing a blueberry, it should be firm, plump and dusty in color. It is recommended to wait until you’re ready to eat them before putting them under water. This is because rinsing blueberries can quicken spoiling!

Also, regarding the health benefits of blueberries, they lower the risk of oxidative stress in our nerve cells. This in turn, helps us maintain our nerve cells and cognitive function.

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