This flank steak zucchini recipe pairs delicious steak with two cups of great vegetables!

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You can easily get your recommended serving of vegetables with this flank steak zucchini recipe for dinner. When it comes to lean flank steak, zucchini is a no-brainer addition for delicious, filling flavor. Best of all, it’ll satisfy your appetite while keeping to your low-fat, low-carb diet!


7 Oz Beef flank steak
1 Cup Green onion
1 1/2 Cup Zucchini, thinly sliced
1/4 Tsp Grape seed oil


step #1

Heat up a non-stick pan with grape seed oil before you sear your steak. High heat is necessary for a perfect sear, and using grape seed oil lets you maintain a higher heat than the more common olive oil. 

step #2

Slice your lean flank steak and season it with sea salt and pepper. Place it in the pan and allow it sear evenly throughout.

step #3

As it's searing, julienne your zucchini either by hand or with a mandolin. Mix chopped green onions in with the beef and add the sliced zucchini once the beef is nearly cooked.

step #4

Allow the zucchini to cook for approximately two minutes; you'll know it's ready when the color deepens and it softens to the touch.

step #5

Ready to serve!


23 ratings

Did you know?

Zucchini’s high fiber content has been linked to better cholesterol. Soluble fiber binds with cholesterol particles in the digestive system and moves them out of the body before they’re absorbed. Plus, the high levels of vitamin A and C do a great job at improving your immune system’s resiliency and overall health. A flank steak zucchini recipe is a great way to get a lean and tasty protein with the health benefits of zucchini.

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