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Have you made Meatball Stroganoff yet?

Beef Stroganoff recipes originated in mid-19th-century Russia, but have since made it to dinner tables all around the world—and, really, it should be!

Here are a few great reasons you should make our low-fat, low-carb Meatball Stroganoff recipe:

It packs in all the flavorMeatball stroganoff recipe

There’s no denying that people love meatballs. By swapping out the traditional stewing beef for lean meatballs, our gluten-free stroganoff recipe manages to add a little bit of extra flavor. Times are changing, so forget the traditional stewing beef; the added spices in the meatballs give this recipe the extra savory kick this century has been waiting for.

It has only 600 calories

Our low-carb Meatball Stroganoff recipe also has considerably less fat than traditional recipes. The use of ground sirloin beef and low-fat sour cream means this recipe uses leaner protein and considerably less fat than regular 14% sour cream. Don’t forget to use low-sodium beef broth to ensure your body isn’t getting too much salt, which could lead to heart disease or kidney stones.

It’s full of nutritional value

You can check the nutritional facts yourself, but this recipe is a good source of vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Plus, it includes a serving of mushrooms which (on their own) are a great source of fiber and vitamin D.

Did you know mushrooms are the only fruit, vegetable, or fungi that are a natural source of vitamin D?

Don’t settle for high-fat high-carb beef stroganoff recipes when you can have one easy low-carb low-fat meatball stroganoff recipe! Your body—not to mention your taste buds—will thank you.




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