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We have all done it… Whether it is pilling that spaghetti dish a mile high on a way too big of a plate or binging on a stack of junk food one Saturday night in front of the television. Why do we do this to ourselves? I use to blame it on whatever I could think of at the time: hormones, a depressed state of mind, life’s instabilities, lack of time, you name it. Until, it became an everyday thing… Not cool… Trust me the pounds just kept on coming. The worst part of it was that I knew what I was doing was wrong however, for some reason there was no shame. Once the guilt would set in, I would then start skipping meals until I felt normal again however, then the cycle would just start again because I was eventually starving. I had gotten myself in a downright dangerous routine and needed a 180 flip and fast!

Enough was enough! So I gave myself a good scare by watching some episodes of Superskinny vs. Supersize and hit the Internet for a plan.  I tried it all. From idiotic ideas to the way too complex ones. Some people said chug some water, go for a walk, chew on a piece of celery, paint your nails… Yeah ok… Not very life changing advice. So, I said the hell with it! I’ll make my own plan with my own rules! REAL ones, not tricks!

Here are some of the rules you can find in my daily diet plan:

  1. Eat breakfast! A good one!
  2. Eat every 4 hours  (hungry or not, have a snack)
  3. Eat at the dinner table (pay attention to how much you are eating, not the tv)
  4. Ditch the large plates and deep bowls, be aware of portions and be realistic. 
  5. Eat protein and high fiber foods (keeps you full longer)

I have never looked back…

If you are in the same boat as I was, you should try this too! Make up your own rules, take some ideas from other plans and customize as you go to fit your lifestyle. You will see that it’s not so hard to ditch those nasty eating habits. 

What’s your story? Do you have a daily plan?

We would love to hear from you!

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