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Ahh, it’s finally noon, we’re halfway through the work day and finally get that treasured lunchbreak.

Lunchtime gives us a break from our desks, lets us replenish our energy with some food and gives our brains a little time to breathe. Unfortunately, as our lives get busier, we are reaching for fast food and convenience foods to get us passed the mid-day hump.

Good thing there’s a holiday to remind us of the importance of packing our lunch. Today, on March 10, we celebrate National Pack Your Lunch Day!

Amazing Benefits Of Packing Your Lunch

  • Saves you money. Spending $5 – $10 on lunch 5 days a week can add up quickly. We calculated it and bringing your lunch to work can save you up to $2,600 in a year. Now that’s some extra money we’d like to have in our pockets!
  • Better for your health. Like we mentioned above, people are leaning on take out and processed junk to get them through the work day. This can lead to weight gain, low energy levels and even chronic diseases from all the unnecessary additives, sugars and trans fat. When you pack your lunch, you know exactly what you are eating and are getting tons of vitamins and minerals from whole, natural foods. This will lead to increased energy, a stronger immune system and ensure you have a healthy body from the inside out!
  • You’re inspiring others. Set a good example for your co-workers and show them that bringing your lunch to work is the “cool thing” to do. Be a role model to your kids by packing their lunches to set them up for healthy habits for life!
  • It’s easy! Check out our tips below to make packing your lunch quick and easy.

How To Make It Easy!

  • Plan it out! On a Sunday, plan out your lunches for the following week and go out and buy all the ingredients you need. You could even use our meal planner to make it easier on you!
  • Meal prep is your best friend. Now that you know what you will be eating for lunch every day, you can either cook all your lunches at once for the week or prep all the ingredients you’ll need to make it the day of. This saves you tons of time during the week.
  • We love leftovers. If meal prepping isn’t your style, make extra food when you are making dinner to bring for lunch the next day. Cook once, eat twice!
  • Get your kids involved. As we discussed above, being a good example on your children will show them that healthy lunches are important. Have them help you plan and prepare the lunches for the week.

Here are our favourite recipes to pack for your lunch this week!

Steak Stir-Fry with Bok Choy

This steak and bok choy stir fry tastes delicious for dinner but even better for lunch! Quick and easy is our style.


Avacado Egg Salad

Instead of the usual unhealthy egg salad, try this nutritious Avocado and Egg salad. We promise your family will love it!


Chicken, Sprouts & Shoots

Need a gluten-free lunch option? This one is easy to make and high in vitamin and mineral content!

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